What We Do

Our non-profit maintains offices in two countries, the U.S. and Costa Rica, with our headquarters based in Ocoee, Tennessee. CEER Services works internationally to provide technical support to any self-identified group or organization that seeks to build durable, climate-resilient infrastructure.

We help turn visions into actionable and sustainable results. Clients rely on us to solve issues that demand an objective and multidisciplinary approach—one that integrates expertise across the social sciences, engineering, and community development. We tailor our approach to suit the requirements of each project, offering the strength of an industry expert with the dedication of a local partner.

Designing for Resilience

Informed by holistic systems thinking, ancestral wisdom, and decades of hard-earned experience, we have amassed a diverse array of skills capable of reducing the time required to propel your organization toward success. If your organization or community is dedicated to tasks such as shaping strategies to confront or alleviate the consequences of climate change, devising organic housing systems, facilitating both rural and urban food production, establishing power generation methods, enriching ecological systems, refining organizational frameworks, or constructing infrastructure for cultural preservation, our team stands ready to facilitate your success. We engineer enduring systems meant to span generations, all while ensuring their financial viability.

Our Values

  • transparency – building trust through open processes
  • equity – meeting people where they are
  • accountability – taking responsibility for our actions
  • communication – listening with open hearts and open minds
  • future generations – designing for the resilience of future generations

CEER Services